Measuring Object Detection models - mAP - What is Mean Average Precision?
Train, Validation and Test Sets
Another small intro, this time on dataset splits
Precision And Recall - A brief introduction
A small introduction to the Precision and Recall metrics using in machine learning
ROS Basics 2 - Programming With ROS
Setting up the basic ROS programming environment
ROS Basics 1 - Nodes, Topics, Services & Actions
An introduction to the basic concepts of ROS - The robot operating system
Participating in the IOT Ideathon - Indian Hardware Hackathon at VLSID 2015
Our experience building a Fall Detector at a hardware hackathon in Bangalore, India
BITS Pilani Practice School 2 Web Form Helper 2014
A tool for autofilling the BITS Pilani final year Practice School(internship) form preferences
How to use the STM32f4 CCM in a Keil Project
Using the CCM memory in a STM32F4 microcontroller using the Keil IDE