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Octoloop Systems is building a newer generation of robotic arms, which include a robust vision system and a dexterous manipulator.

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Octoloop at its core

Octoloop aims to build systems which can accurately pick objects placed in unstructured environments like warehouse shelves.
Octoloop Robots are poised to revolutionise the warehousing industry by automating picking stations.
Our system will include grasping and vision systems which uses the latest tech in Machine Learning and AI to deliver a complete automated picking solution. To facilitate the hardware development, we are currently developing high performance industrial robots, which are part of a new breed called collaborative robots.
Each robot is a lightweight and safe robot which works alongside humans and can be programmed by just about anyone in a matter of minutes, no engineers needed.

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About our system

High variability

Simplicity of programming allows changing your use-cases monthly, weekly or even daily!

Multiple applications

With various end effectors and a 5 Kg payload, there are plenty of potential applications.

Superfast ROI

Costing a fraction of our competition, you can rest assured that you'll get the fastest return on investment.

Octobots love humans

Octoloop robots are made to work with humans and are very safe. Our robots will stop on any unexpected impact.

That's all we can reveal for now, stay tuned for updates on our vision system.

About Us

We are an India based company founded by BITS Pilani graduates with exceptional robotics experience. As undergrads, we've built smart humanoid robots which can play autonomous soccer and have represented India at various international robotics events/conferences including Robocup, ICRA, Humanoids Conference in the US, Europe, China, Korea etc.

Our Team

Kaustubh Nawade

BITS, Pilani (Electronics, Physics)

Tarang Shah

BITS, Pilani (Electronics)

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